Attractive characteristics of the traditional craft villages in Hoi An

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(QNO) - The traditional craft villages in Hoi An city (Quang Nam province) are always attractive to tourists by their own characteristics. Besides their typical products, all the craft villages are really peaceful and beautiful.

Thanh Ha pottery village

Thanh Ha pottery village is located right on the bank of the Thu Bon river in Thanh Ha ward, about 2km west of the ancient quarter.

Thanh Ha pottery village was very prosperous and well-known for its pottery items in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Coming to Thanh Ha is coming to peaceful green spaces of paths of areca palms. Visitors can be easy to recognize the village because everything here, the roads, the yards and tile roofs are made of terra-cotta; and newly created pottery items are being sun-dried.

The products of Thanh Ha pottery village are the daily utensils such as cups, bowls, jars, vases, and children’s toys in animal shapes which are very sophisticated and various in designs and colors. Especially, they are often lighter than the products made in other places.

Thanh Ha pottery village is now attracting a large number of domestic and foreign tourists. Coming here, visitors have chances to see the talents of artisans and make some craft under their instructions.

Tra Que vegetable village

Tra Que vegetable village is in Cam Ha commune, just 2km northeast of Hoi An ancient town. Coming here, visitors can witness the whole process of growing vegetables in accordance with the standard “green - clean - beautiful”.

The 500-year-old vegetable village has been famous for the distinct flavors of its vegetable products. Moreover, this is also an ideal tourist destination in Hoi An.

There are over 20 species of vegetables for different purposes. They can be used as fresh vegetable or spice with 5 flavors: spicy, sour, sweet, bitter and acrid. Thanks to their typical flavors, Tra Que vegetables contribute to popularizing the folk foods of Hoi An such as tossed mussel, Quang noodle and Cao Lau.

Visiting Tra Que, tourists can experience growing, caring for and harvesting vegetables and be instructed by the villagers.

Vegetables here are grown on fertile soils, fertilized with seaweed from Co Co river, so it has its own unique flavors. Coming here, visitors can enjoy the deliciousness of Quang noodle or Cao Lau mixed with Tra Que vegetables.

The village is also the seat of Cau Bong Festival, which is annually held on the 7th of the first lunar month to pray for bumper harvests.

Kim Bong carpentry village

Located in Cam Kim commune, Kim Bong carpentry village is 600 years old. In the reign of the Nguyen kings, Kim Bong village was a popular name for the exquisite woodworks of boats or houses. The exquisite architectures of the houses or pagodas in Hoi An ancient town clearly illustrated Kim Bong ancient carpenters' talents.

It takes visitors about 10 minutes to go to Kim Bong village by driving over the Cam Kim iron bridge (inaugurated in early 2016)…

… or sailing from the ancient quarter.

An artisan of Kim Bong carpentry village is creating an exquisite product.

The carpentry products in Kim Bong village are rustic but sophisticated. Especially, their natural color is always intended to be maintained.

Lantern making

Colorful and glistening lanterns along the streets of Hoi An are an indispensable “specialty” of Hoi An ancient quarter. They are part of Hoi An space and soul. However, there are just some enterprises making lanterns in Hoi An such as Tuoi Ngoc, Ngoc Thu or the workshop of artisan Huynh Van Ba.

The lanterns look simple but making them is extremely complicated, requiring meticulosity in designing, selecting raw materials, colors, paintings and techniques of fitting.

Lanterns are used to decorate the houses, the streets and the restaurants in Hoi An.

Lanterns appears everywhere in Hoi An, a local feature of Hoi An ancient town.

The lanterns make a blaze of colors in Hoi An. The artisans of lanterns are always wrapped up in their work with their endless passion and creation to make such beautiful and brilliant lanterns.