Bettering tourism ecosystem


Quang Nam’s tourism ecosystem is bettering to make it new and more attractive to visitors, which is considered as one of the unique and economical solutions to the problem of tourism products now.

Hoi An
Hoi An

In the complex context of Covid-19, tourism sector has to seek solutions to its problems, making every effort to attract visitors.

It is necessary to have a creative tourism ecosystem at this time. Quang Nam has a lot of potential for tourism development such as natural landscapes, tangible and intangible cultural heritages.

However, tourism products need to be improved to meet visitors’ demands. In Hoi An, different new tourism products will be launched to satisfy visitors’ tastes.

The space of ‘ancient Tet market’ is expected to bring an excitement to both local people and visitors to Hoi An.  It will occur on the banks of the De Vong river. The riverside market is a place where people wearing Ao Dai (traditional Vietnamese costumes) use coins for their trade.

It is encouraged to use leaves and paper to wrap goods. Besides, there will be a corner for folk games, for masters’ writings, for flowers… The market will start on the occasion of little new year (the 23th day of the 12th lunar month).

Coco Casa is another place beside the De Vong river that is rather attractive to visitors thanks to its rural features. It is also a space of market known as ‘sunset market’ that takes place every weekend. Visitors can find both indigenous and foreign cultures there.

Besides, at the end of the golden rat year, visitors will have a chance to enjoy one more great new product, Hoi An show. It will tell the story of Hoi An, a prosperous trading port in the 16-18th centuries. The show occurs at Japanese Bridge, the heart of Hoi An ancient quarter.