Building VietGAP watermelon trade mark


(QNO) - Realizing the natural conditions of soil in Tam Phuoc commune (Phu Ninh district) is suitable for developing a concentrating watermelon plantation region, Quang Nam Fishing and Agriculture Promotion Center (FAPC) have tested a watermelon planting scheme based on GAP (Good Agriculture Practice) standard. This effort has given first good results.

Happy smile for a good VietGAP watermelon harvest.
Happy smile for a good VietGAP watermelon harvest.

In recent years, the transference of home-grown trees structure has created many active evolutions. In which, the area for watermelon plantation has increased more and more and brought high economic benefit to the farmers. The watermelon planting scheme was developed largely in Thang Binh, Nui Thanh, Phu Ninh districts… The yearly everage watermelon planting area in last 5 years was about 2,500 ha. In which, Tam An and Tam Phuoc communes have been typical cultivating regions.

“Along with the registration of “Dua Ky Ly” trade mark, we have created stable planting regions and implemented completely the process of agricultural practice based on GAP standard. The Quang Nam Fishing and Agriculture Promotion Center has tested a safe watermelon planting scheme. It is the first step for building and saving the trade mark”, said Mrs Nguyen Thi Bich Loi, a cadre of the information technical department of the FAPC.

Safe watermelon planting scheme based on GAP standard has been also a provincial level scientific researching work of the Quang Nam FAPC. The scheme was tested on an area of 6,000 square metres in Thanh My hamlet (Tam Phuoc commune). Two of three testing fields were planted by safe technology, one field was planted by normal way.

“We did not use much fertilizer and insectiside in the first period of planting, the yield of watermelon, however, still be high. We saved much money in compare with the normal planting method. The interest we got by planting safe watermelon was 4 times higher than paddy cultivation, said Tai, a farmer in Tam Phuoc commune.

According to Mrs Loi, the good results achieved from the watermelon planting scheme based on GAP is a happy signal. For building commercial watermelon fields, the first and most important condition is safe. To build a safe watermelon scheme is also an important advance to protect and improve “Dua Ky Ly” trade mark.

“The development of the safe watermelon planting scheme in the future will help to improve the farmers’ economic life. The most important problem at the present time is: How can the customers buy this product? A right answer for this question will bring customers’ trust to our safe watermelon”, said Vo Thanh Anh, chairman of Tam Phuoc People’s Committee.