Bustling spring atmosphere in Quang Nam


Quang Nam province is attractive to visitors with different places when spring comes such as the old Tet space, flower fields.

Flower field in Dien Phuong Riverside Village Thuan Tinh
Flower field in Dien Phuong Riverside Village Thuan Tinh

Thuan Tinh

Thuan Tinh Retreat Café & Authentic Local Cuisine is a new place that is impressive to visitors. It is located in Cam Thanh commune, Hoi An city.

Coming to Thuan Tinh, visitor can enjoy the peaceful and romantic atmosphere under the nipa palm forest. This green space is designed to be environmental friendly and built with the materials of bamboo, coconut and areca.

Besides, there are some objects that remind people of the rural life in the past such as watermills and jars. Moreover, visitors can enjoy several foods and drinks such as snakehead fish cooked with green banana, crab hot pot, stir-fired mussels, sweet banana soup.

Fair for Tet

The atmosphere of Spring may be felt strongly at the fair for Tet. Coming to Hoi An, visitors can immerse in such a fair for Tet at Caman Village (Silk Sense River Resort, Cam An).

Unlike common fairs where people buy and sell goods, the fair at Caman Village presents beautiful sceneries. Besides, there is a space for folk games and other activities.

The fair started on the 23rd day of the last lunar month with the entry fee of 5 pence. However, on the first day of the lunar new year, the fair will be free entrance.

Flower fields

There are several flower fields in Dien Ban with different kinds such as cosmos, sunflower and rape. Besides, in Dien Phuong Riverside Village, there are some unfamiliar flowers such as lavender and buckwheat. These flower fields are very popular with visitors.