Central Vietnam, a safe tourist destination in the world


American news channel CNBC has just listed Central Vietnam among 7 safe and attractive tourist destinations in the world today.

Brief view of Central Vietnam
Brief view of Central Vietnam

According to CNBC,  Vietnam is one of a few countries that have successfully controlled the spread of COVID-19 and one of 7 safe tourist destinations in the world, especially Central Vietnam with famous sites such as Hoi An ancient town (Quang Nam province), Hue imperial citadel, Quy Nhon beaches in Binh Dinh, Son Doong cave (Quang Binh province).

Among CNBC’s list are Normandy (France), Irakalia and Lipsi Islands (Greece), Kagawa (Japan), Dandenongs (Australia), New Mexico (America), Saba và Saint Euslalius (Netherlands).