Charming Cham Islands


Nearly 20 nautical miles from Hoi An ancient town (Quang Nam province) is Cham Islands, a trading port and a fishing ground of the Champa Kingdom in the 15th century. It used to be part of the silk, aromatherapy and ceramics road.

Cham Islands has quickly become a famous marine tourist attraction in Central Vietnam since it was recognised as a World Biosphere Reserve in 2009. Besides its charming natural landscapes and fresh air, Cham Islands is attractive to visitors by the biodiversity there.

In addition, Cham Islands is popular with visitors thanks to its cultural and historical heritages such as Hai Tang pagoda, Champa’s ancient well, the temple for ancestors of the swallow’s nest collection, and mausoleum of the tutelary god of Cham Islands among others. There are 7 vestiges that was recognised as national heritages in 2007.

It takes visitors about 2 hours to go to Cham Islands from Cua Dai (Hoi An) by wooden boat but just 25 minutes by powered canoe. It is known to be thrilling and exciting.

The showroom of marine creatures and antiques is another place that is attractive to visitors. Coming to the room, visitors can see several species of sea animals, ancient potteries and ceramics.

Next, visitors may visit the ancient well built by Cham people in the shape of Yoni-Linga, and Hai Tang pagoda built in 1758.

Bai Chong is another place for sightseeing. It is considered the most beautiful beach on Cham Islands.


It is really interesting to take a tour around Cham Islands by motorbike because visitors can contemplate the zigzag village and mountain paths, enjoying the white beaches and green hills there.

An indispensable activity when visitors come to Cham Islands is enjoying the beauty of coral reefs.

A corner of Cham Islands. Photo:
A corner of Cham Islands. Photo:

Let visit Bai Lang, the longest-standing residential area on Cham Islands to learn more about the local life. People there are very friendly, hospitable and warm-hearted.

Cham Islands ferry
Cham Islands ferry. Photo:

Besides, if visitors have time, they can go with the locals to fish in the sea, collect wild vegetables and sea jelly.

Seafood sold on Cham Islands
Seafood sold on Cham Islands

Contemplating the sunrise or the moonrise on Cham Islands is both interesting. At dawn, fresh seafood starts to be sold. So, everyone can choose what (s)he like for lunch or dinner.