Co Tu community-based tourism development


(QNO) - The  project on Co Tu community-based tourism development in Nam Giang district (Quang Nam province) started 4 years ago in Ta Bhing commune  has just been finished. This project funded by Foundation for International Development/Relief (FIDR) contributes to making the district more attractive with various unique products.

Tourists in a Co Tu traditional dance in Nam Giang district
Tourists in a Co Tu traditional dance in Nam Giang district

Speeding up community initiative

In this project, local people played decisive role in periods of tourism development. The exploitation of local resources such as nature, society, culture, native values was based on respect and conservation. Community-based tourism rules were given and carried out on the community’s initiative. The fulfillment of management system such as  Management Board with the supports of the levels from the district to the communes and groups of community initiatives (dance, life, weaving, food, voice-over, ly singing…)  was paid attention to. After 4 years of the project, there were 2,500 beneficiaries  from 451 households mainly in Ta Bhing.

Especially, the local residents’ income was improved via tourism activities, including  tour fees, products barter, souvenirs. Until now,  Co Tu community-based tourism development in Nam Giang district has welcomed 93 international delegations. In March 2016, there were 11 delegations of nearly 200 tourists in Ta Bhing.

Success from resonance

At the last workshop in Nam Giang district, a tourism expert from Japan International Cooperation Agency, Keiichiro Takadera brought the issues out to make the FIDR’s project in Nam Giang district succeed. They were the place, abundant social values of Co Tu community (e.g., relation, custom, traditional rituals), organizational and operational structure, cooperation between travel agencies and the locality, the FIDR's supports, Co Tu people’s hospitality, the limitation on tourists number to avoid negative impacts on the local residents’ lives. For example, the per month tourists received in this place were just 2 or 3 delegations (average 20 tourists per delegation).  

According to Deputy Director of Vietnam Administration of Tourism Ha Van Sieu, Co Tu community-based tourism development not only brings direct benefits to Co Tu people but only contributes to Quang Nam province’s economic development.