Community-based ecotourism in Hoi An city


(QNO) - Linking eco-tourism with traditional cultural intrduction is a supremacy of Hoi An city (Quang Nam province) and it has been developed in recent years, which helps local residents’ life become better and better. 

Tra Que vegetable  village is the first place to be built  as the  “community-based tourism” model of Hoi An city.
Tra Que vegetable village is the first place to be built as the “community-based tourism” model of Hoi An city.

Hoi An, a narrow but crowded city, has no advantage of land, industry, modern construction to compete with its neighbour provinces’ favorable conditions but that of a close combination of ecology and humanity in a perfect whole. The community element and the creative role of people must be set as a great store in the process of developing eco-tourism in this world heritage.

Realizing that raising tourism quality is the depth and enlarging service activities to rural areas is the width, Hoi An authorities have  tried to promote its supremacy to residental areas so that everybody can do tourism and get richer by eco-tourism development.

Hoi An city’s eco-tourism developing orientation is gradually  to  “bring” tourists to the seas and islands with beautiful landscapes, rich natural resources and ecological environment. Besides creating many new attractive tourism products linking with seas-islands, countryside fields, gardens and rivers, Hoi An city is paying attention  to tourism products with high quality, interesting and strong impression and with its “seaside and estuary” characters.

Tra Que vegetable  village is the first place to be built  as the  “community-based tourism” model of Hoi An city. After 8 years of development, Tra Que has been the most interesting and attractive destination of domestics and international tourists. This villge has over 200 families and 130 out of them are growing vegetable in an area of 40 ha. Many tourists have come here to sightsee and study the way of growing vegetable. Thanks to this model, Tra Que residents’s income has raised more and more.

Cam Nam commune has tried to develop community-based tourism with its first “Cam Nam Maize Festival” which was held 2 months ago. Many tourists came here to participate in the festival and  enjoyed local specialties

Some other tourism products introduced to international tourists by travel companies and people of two hamlets Van Lang and Thanh Tam Dong have created strong impression and attracted many tourists such as: rowing basket boats to discover coconut forests, riding bicycles to enjoy beautiful countryside and river landscapes, cooking Vietnamese specialties…