Community tourism network in Hoi An


(QNO) - The Hoi An community tourism network is more and more broadened. The growth of Hoi An tourism is mainly based on the local cultural features with the ancient quarter as the core.

Planting vegetables in Tra Que vegetable village
Planting vegetables in Tra Que vegetable village

Community-based tourism

Tourism in Cham Islands is an example for the success in the community tourism development in Hoi An. Cham Islands has recently become a favourite destination thanks to the good quality of services and diversified tourism products. Moreover, the tourism space here has been enlarged to the neighbours. Tourism infrastructure and several accommodations have been built. Tourism exploiting activities have been strictly controlled, closely attached to environmental protection and locals’ benefits.

However, Hoi An tourism is facing lots of challenges. Tourism in Cham Islands needs to be invested and replanned so that there will be typical appropriate tourism models, space, products and routes. Marine transportation infrastructure needs be upgraded. The World Biosphere Reserve should to be invested and exploited. Tourism should be attached to ecological protection and cultural preservation for stable tourism development.

Authorities’ supports

Hoi An tourism with authorities’ supports has recently grown based on different local typical own features. Thanks to the rich and diverse potential, Hoi An tourism has strongly developed, especially in experience and discovery. Thereby, the tourism space has been broadened to the environs where there are craft villages, rice fields and nipa forests. The models of experience and discovery tourism have really been attractive to visitors, making tourists stay in Hoi An longer.

Hoi An tourism needs more supports from local authorities to develop effectively and synchronously. Besides Tra Que vegetable village, Thanh Ha pottery village, Kim Bong carpentry village, Cam Thanh nipa forest, An My agricultural village, there are several villages with high natural and humanistic values. For example, Cam Kim eco-village is a good space for tourism development because of its natural scenery and community culture. If Cam Kim tourism grows, it will bring big benefits to both Cam Kim residents and Hoi An tourism.

Hoi An tourism is now running mainly in small and medium-sized models, which has been promoting its advantages and potential. Benefits from tourism have also bettered the local lives.