Conservation of Hoi An ancient town


(QNO) - Hoi An ancient town was recognized as one of the world cultural heritages by the UNESCO in 1999. It is considered as a living museum of history, architecture and urban population.

Hoi An ancient quarter
Hoi An ancient quarter

The world cultural heritage of Hoi An ancient town has been well-conserved for 20 years. At the same time, the values of this world cultural heriatge have also been promoted effectively, contributing to local sustainable socio-economic development.

Besides proper plans and strategies for heritage conservation and promotion, the problems of natural and cultural environment have been paid much attention. Therefore, Hoi An becomes more and more famous as an attractive destination of cultural ecotourism all over the world.

Moreover, the plans for natural disaster prevention, anti-flood projects, cultural heritage preservation, infrastructure upgrade, bettering urban landscapes and lyrics restoration have won the approval from local communities. In other words, the current success of Hoi An is a result of the locals’ consensus over authorities’ policies, plans and decisions.

It is reported that 424 relics in Hoi An have been preserved and restored since 1999. Besides, intangible cultural heritages such as traditional craft villages (Thanh Chau salangane nest, Kim Bong carpentry, Thanh Ha pottery, Tra Que vegetable), performing arts and traditional festivals have been promoted sucessfully.

In addition, the campaign for building Hoi An as a cultural city has been launched to raise the locals’ awareness of preservation and promotion of traditional and cultural values. As a result, Hoi An becomes the Asia’s leading cultural destination in 2019.