Cultural tourism development


(QNO) - The start-up model of Bay Mau Eco Cooking Tour becomes successful thanks to traditional cultural values. It was developed by Tran Luu Binh, a son of Cam Thanh commune, Hoi An city.

Visitors making rice paper.
Visitors making rice paper.

Despite leaving school when tourism didn’t appear in his home village, Tran Luu Binh thought of tourism as his direction. So, he tried inviting some foreigners visiting Hoi An ancient town to Cam Thanh- his home village and introduced to them traditional Vietnamese fishing and farming tools and kitchen utensils such as fishing net, wooden ploughs and harrows, hoes, machetes, sickles, bamboo bailing buckets, rice mill and stone flour mill. His guests were very interested in these items. In addition, he brought his guests to some local traditional festivals and rituals and gained lots of their high appreciation.

Understanding the demands of tourist markets, Tran Luu Binh started his Bay Mau Eco Cooking Tour, where visitors can enjoy the beauty of a Vietnamese rural village, having their experience in Vietnamese rural daily activities, preparing the meals for themselves by using local fresh ingredients. In his tourism space, there are an area for rudimentary tools and utensils where visitors can cook and enjoy the dishes they like.

At Bay Mau Eco Cooking Tour today, there is a package tour of 20 Vietnamese dishes that is popular with visitors. They can choose to prepare 4 of them. Besides, visitors can also take part in some processes of farming and fishing under direct instructions from the locals.

Cumulating experience by listening to visitors, Tran Luu Binh has gradually made his tourism products better and better. Therefore, more and more visitors, especially foreigners, use his services. For Tran Luu Binh, his tourism products focus on introducing traditional Vietnamese cultural values to visitors, helping them learn more about Vietnamese lives.