Discovering Tay Giang


(QNO) - Tay Giang district (Quang Nam province) is home to invaluable and abundant natural resources, cool weather, romantic and charming landscapes with deep blue mountains and forests. Co Tu ethnic people are sincere and hospitable.

Co Tu people’s houses
Co Tu people’s houses

Co Tu mountains and forests

Tay Giang is about 120km far from Da Nang city. It is 1,583m high above sea level, an ideal and promising destination for backpackers who want to relax, experience primeval  landscapes and learn about an original culture.

After a rice harvest, Co Tu people often organize their thanksgiving to God at the village’s sacred Guol house. There are many art and cultural programmes occurring here, including Đah T’ri festival (buffalo feast), Cha ha roo to mee (new rice celebration), Tan tung and ya ya traditional dances.

In addition, tourists can enjoy some traditional dishes (e.g. bamboo-tube rice, stuffed pancake, roast meat with wild pepper…), some kinds of wine (Tr’din, Ta vac , ruou can- wine drunk out of a jar through pipes),  babooch and bh’nooch singing.

Tourism development potentials

Tay Giang is suitable for cultural and eco-tourism development.  Moreover, the local authorities and residents usually create favourable conditions for the district’s economic, cultural, tourism development.

Tay Giang girls dancing in traditional costumes.
Tay Giang girls dancing in traditional costumes.

In Tay Giang, besides the gurgle from clear and cool streams, the  fragrance of wild orchids spreading throughout the mountains are many natural specialties such as nien fish (scientific name: Onychostoma gerlachi), stream frog, bee raw honey, ba kich ginseng (scientific name of Morinda Officnalis How).

Especially in hot weather, Tay Giang,  where the poetic Dinh Que eco-tourism park locates, are very attractive to tourists with sunlight, rolling mountains, green forests, and white clouds as a watercolour painting, with the friendly Co Tu  villagers.