Expectations of Tay Giang tourism


(QNO) - Tay Giang mountainous district is determined to foster tourism development based on its potential and strengths.

Traditional brocade weaving
Traditional brocade weaving

 Potential and strengths

Tay Giang, a mountainous district of Quang Nam province, is home to the wild forest ecology of Fujian cypress (Pomu in Vietnamese), rhododendron, ironwood among others. The forest of rhododendron covering an area of 50 ha in its flowering season is considered as a highlight of Tay Giang tourism. Rhododendron Festival is also planned to be annually held here. Besides, it is always cool in Tay Giang, one of the advantages that can be attractive to visitors, especially in summer. In addition, Tay Giang is rich in traditional cultural properties of Co Tu ethnic people. Therefore, it is suitable for this district to set up the model of community eco-tourism.

In spite of Tay Giang’s full potential, tourism here has not developed as expected. It is necessary to build and upgrade the infrastructure, train the human resources in tourism, link the local tourism to that of other places, upgrade and diversify local tourism products and services.

Determination to develop tourism

Identifying the local potential for tourism development, the leaders of Tay Giang district promulgated a decision on investment attraction to Tay Giang tourism development in the period of 2014-2020, a vision towards 2030. Thereby, tourism is expected as the local key economic sector. The decision has contributed to raising the locals’ awareness of community eco-tourism development and bettering their lives.

According to the decision, Tay giang will become one of the key tourism region in western Quang Nam. Tay Giang tourism is linking to that of Hoi An, My Son, Cham Islands… to bring tourists to the district. Moreover, the conservation of traditional culture is promoted. It is also a form of forest protection and tourism development.

Dinh Que rest station in Tay Giang
Dinh Que rest station in Tay Giang

In addition, Tay Giang has made some surveys in Arieu, Aband and some other hamlets with a temperate climate and unique cultural characteristics to enlarge the local tourism space and diversify tourism products here. The local authorities have also facilitated survey delegations to visit the forests of Fujian cypress, rhododendron, and ironwood so that they can finish the dossiers and propose recognizing heritage forests and heritage trees. It is one of the steps to develop Tay Giang tourism trade name, helping it develop sustainably. At the same time, the study of successful models of community tourism, the training of human resources, and investment attraction to tourism have been paid much attention.

It is noteworthy that a high-grade resort is currently being built in A Tieng commune by Viet Thien Phu Company. The resort is invested VND188 billion, covering an area of 50,000 m2 and including 75 villas in the Co Tu traditional style. Also, this company has committed to underwrite all the products made by the group of Co Tu traditional brocade weavers in the Co Tu traditional village. Another highlight of Tay Giang is 12 houses on stilts built in Tr’Hy commune to serve tourists.

Hopefully, Tay Giang tourism will strongly develop in the coming time.