Experience Hoi An countryside life with Free Tour


(QNO) - In the days of studying the freshmanyear at Duy Tan University (Da Nang city), Phan Hoang Hai and his friens organised “Hoi An Free Tour” for foreign tourists who wanted to sightsee the countryside of Hoi An ancient town with low cost.

The above idea came to Hai by chance when he was working as a communiactions staff for a travellimg website of Hoi An city. All tourists who ordered a tour through this website would be gifted a “Sightseeing Hoi An countryside  by bicycles” tour. Realizing that this “free of charge” tour made them happy and interesting after riding through cool shade of the trees along the rural roads by bicycles and having an opportunity to discover and experience  the daily life of local people, Hai decided to create a small “ Sightseeing the countryside” tour.

“My first idea is to create a frienly and low cost tour on a closely relation between tourguide and tourists first. We will help our clients to have a chance to understand more about rural daily life, landscapes, customs and residents in the deepest feeling, nearest and simplest way instead of building a competitive, industrial and professional tourism. It will be also a new channel to help students of two departments of foreign languages and tourism to have a good chance to practice what they had been studied in university, collect experiences and necessary knowledge for their occupation in the future,” Hai said.

Khách tập trồng rau ở Trà Quế. Ảnh: N.D
Tourists growing vegetable in Tra Que village.

Hai invited some students who were studying in the depatments of foreign languages and tourism to paricipate this plan. The first tour were hard a lot with the coffee shops were oppointment point, their houses were the office and Internet was the only mean for their trading activities.

Taking part in the HAFT, a tourist have two choices: paying 2 USD for visiting Kim Bong carpenter craft village tour or 5 USD for experiencing Tra Que fresh vegetable village.

Coming to Kim Bong village, the tourists will meet friendly and hospitality local people, make Banh Trang (Rice flat cakes) with them together and sightsee Huynh family worshiping house. At Tra Que, the visitors will study more about the history of founding and development of this vegetable village, learning how to grow vegetable, enjoy Tra Que shrimp specialty and make Banh Xeo (Roasted rice with pork and shrimp cake). The tour ends after a “delicious party” with all dishes which the tourists had made by themselves and some ones cooked by local residents.

Thử tráng mì ở Kim Bồng.
Studying how to make Quang noodle in Kim Bong craft village.

“All money the tourists pay for the tour will be used for boat transportation fee, buying materials for growing  vegetable, some food for meals, tourguide fee is free of charge,” Hai said.

Coming back Hoi An, all tourists and tourguides sit together at a café to talk about whats they had enjoyed and experienced in the tour. This meeting also makes tourists happy and creates special impression in visitor’s heart. They talked to their friends about the tour and foreign tourists have come to HAFT  more and more…

Happy information has recently come to Hai and his friends: the famous international travel website Tripadvisor ranked HAFT at the 13th  position of “Top 99” attractive tourism activities of Hoi An city  and the Department of Tourism of Duy Tan University (Da Nang city) agreed to sign a contract with HAFT for helping their student to practice in tourism.