Explore Viet An lake


(QNO) - Owning the wild and romantic beauty, Viet An lake (Binh Lam commune, Hiep Duc district) is the ideal tourism destination.

Khám phá hồ Việt An bằng thuyền kayak.
Exploring Viet An lake by kayak

In the 2-day-and-1-night tour of discovering Quang Nam midland by bicycle, tourists will have chance to enjoy the beauty of the lake, experience the local people’s culture and daily life.

Du khách tự tay bắt ốc về chế biến.
Cooking snail porridge.

Tourists can also explore the lake by kayaks, camp and go fishing here.  At night, they can cook snail porridge, roast chickens and pork over the campfire.

Tìm hiểu đời sống của người dân.
Learning about the local residents’ lives
Học sinh giao lưu với du khách
Chatting to local students.
Khám phá miền trung du
Exciting cycling tour
Khám phá nàng tiên giữa rừng
Exploring the nature.