Famtrip tour to southern Quang Nam


(QNO) - From 19 to 25 May, a tour called Famtrip was held to survey the tourism potentials in Tam Ky city, Phu Ninh and Nui Thanh districts. After the tour, all the opinions were collected for better adjustments in the future. The 3-day tour witnessed the attendance of travel companies and press units inside and outside the province.

Đoàn tham quan khảo sát tại Bảo tàng Văn hóa Chăm - Óc Eo Chu Lai
The delegation at the Museum of Cham Culture- Oc Eo Chu Lai.

The delegation visited historical and cultural sites, and famous landscapes including Chien Dan Cham Tower, Ky Anh Tunnel, Monument of Vietnamese Heroic Mother, Tam Hai and Ban Than islands,… They also experienced tourism services at Phu Ninh Lake Resort and Le Domaine de Tam Hai Resort.

Trao túi vải môi trường cho người dân xã đảo Tam Hải, Núi Thành
The delegation provided biodegradable fabric bags for local people.

In addition, to raise awareness of protecting the marine environment, the delegation delivered biodegradable fabric bags to the local people at Tam Thanh beach and Tam Hai market.

Đoàn famtrip có sự tham gia của các doanh nghiệp lữ hành và các cơ quan báo chí trong và ngoài tỉnh
Travel companies and press units attended the Famtrip

3 districts were received positive reviews from the delegation after the tour. The tourism potentials, especially the particular traditional values was highly appreciated. Nevertheless, they also expressed the concern about environment pollution, poor services and infrastructure, limited awareness of local people about tourism development…