Farmers on tourism


(QNO) - The “farmers on tourism” model is initially effective, increasing farmers’ income in Cam Chau ward (Hoi An city).

Tourists’ rice transplanting
Tourists’ rice transplanting

This is the first model implemented in Hoi An. Cam Chau has 2,480 households with approximately 11,000 people. Most of them are farming. Therefore, tourists coming here will experience  the daily life of the farmers such as tillage, fertilization, planting vegetables, plowing, harrowing, water bailing, rice sowing, rice planting, catching fish and shrimp in ponds ...

Taking part in this tour, visitors are also guided to make some local foods and enjoy them such rice paper cakes,  bánh xèo (Sizzling Savory Crepe), Quang noodle, Tam Huu gỏi (shrimp and vegetables), fresh water fish broiled by straw… Then, tourists will relax by soaking feet in medicinal herbs water and listening to choi or yo-heave-ho tunes performed by the local people.

The “farmers on tourism” model has made Hoi An tourism products diversified, contributes to make people’s income go up.