Giang Thom Hole: A charming combination of nature


(QNO) - Coming to Nui Thanh district (Quang Nam province), don’t forget to visit Giang Thom hole – another name is Xen Thom hole. It located about 10km west of 1A National Highway and 30km southwest of Tam Ky city.

Giang Thom hole was created by half floating and half sinking under the water stone bands nearly 1km long stretch. From the upper source, the small stream pouring water down at a medium-height around the clock, created a beautiful waterfall and natural swimming pools at the foot of the waterfall. The pure water in the hole looks like a giant mirror collecting all around sceneries. The combination of dim water steam, the blue of the sky and waterfall landscape created a romantic, charming picture which made people stupor and silly when arriving here. The landscape of Giang Thom hole makes us to remember  a secrete, attractive and romantic image in the neglected time.

The climate over here is suitable for visitors during hot summer days. Giang Thom hole has three small holes divided by high stones, one of them is a large face stone, standing beside the mountain cliff, where visitors can take a break, enjoy the natural landscape and listen to the waterfall sound after taking a walk around this beautiful site.

For some tourists interested in adventure, this waterfall was named “Miserably Hard” just because it was not easy to come there directly by cars or motorbikes. You have to “fight” with a muddy road, slippery stones and high slopes before arriving the waterfall.

When arriving at the waterfall, however, you will be enjoyed a romantic and charming space of the waterfall, green lakes, black cliffs, blue sky and green trees. Some tourists want to lie on the big stones to relax, listen to the sound of wind, flowing water, birds singing and sing few favorite songs… The others go down the cool water holes to swim to dispel all sadness and worries… Some visitors go along the rolling rock slopes to the upstream to explore the landscape, new lakes and tranquil space of nature. Looking up  the cliff from the water holes, you can see “multi-size and multi-level stone eggs” like a giant stone egg lump of the creator…