"Going for sharing"


(QNO) - This is an idea of Kojima Takayuki from Kawasaki, Japan when he bikes through Vietnam.

Kojima Takayuki came to Nam Phuoc (Duy Xuyen) at ten o’clock, 30 minutes later than his plan because of his damaged bike, in the local people’s warm and friendly welcome. The meeting is so short, just 30 minutes, but significant enough to warm up his enthusiasm for his journey.

Kojima Takayuki’s took pictures with students and local people
Kojima Takayuki’s took pictures with students and local people

On this occasion, the Vietnam-Japan Friendship Association of Kawasaki gives poor local students 17 bikes and receives once famous palm-leaf conical hats made in My Xuyen (Nam Phuoc town).

Kojima Takayuki, a 4th year student of politics department, Tokyo Law and Politics University (Japan), started his journey through Vietnam by bike on 24.10.2014. The idea “going for sharing” is the best spiritual power for him to finish the North – South journey which aims to meet Vietnamese people, learn about Vietnamese customs, visit Vietnamese landscapes and practise Vietnamese language. Takayuki said that he had spent months of both learning and studying saving money, making detail plans to prepare for his long – time journey. Each day passes, approximately 60-100 km is behind his bike. He plans to complete this tour in one month. Takayuki said that he had cycled through Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. And now he is doing it in Vietnam. The experiences he has in his journeys are the best preparation for his future job as a journalist after graduation.

The diplomatic history between Japan and Vietnam is very long. Over 400 years ago, the Japanese built 4 Japanese towns in Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam; but now Hoi An is the only place that remains the Japanese past. The bridge across Hoai river named Lien Vien Kieu and dozens of Japanese tombs in Truong Le, Cam Chau fields… are still regularly taken care. Many Japanese visiting Hoi An joined in  the Japanese history containing Japanese Bridge, Cam Pho and annual Vietnam – Japan cultural exchanges in August…

Biking on the road.
Biking on the road.

The diplomatic relationship between two countries continues warming by Japanese volunteers who have come to Hoi An to cooperate and preserve the old town since 1998. Since 1993, a Vietnam-Japan cooperation project of ancient monuments protection in Hoi An has timely rescued some important monuments in Hoi An by transferring method of restoration, supplementing knowledge and experience for administration, management agencies and workers to make Hoi An become “precious thing” not only of Quang Nam.

Mr Hoang Chau Sinh, the Deputy President of Quang Nam Friendship Organization Union  said that Kojima Takayuki’s journey and 17 bikes from Japan – Vietnam Friendship Association (Kawasaki City) is one of many gifts to poor students in Quang Nam over the last 10 years. This is the result, the mark of the friendship between two countries.

Takayukia also promised that his journey and his experiences in Vietnam would be brought to the Japansese through articles in Japanese newspapers. “Only love, sharing and cultural experiences in a country can bring back mutual understanding. This will reduce the hatred and stop wars…; and all people will become global citizens building peace and prosperity for the whole world, "said Kojima Takayuki.