Good signals from villas


Good signals come from the villas in Hoi An, which are popular with domestic tourists, when the tourism season comes near.

A swimming pool in a villa
A swimming pool in a villa

Since the 3rd outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic was controlled at the beginning of this year, there has been a steady increase of domestic tourists to Hoi An city, Quang Nam province.

Most of the villas there are full, especially at weekends, which is a good signal to tourism in Hoi An in hope of a recovery of tourism this year.

There are now 190 members in the Quang Nam Homestay and Villas Union. They regularly share experiences and opportunities to receive guests.

Villas in Hoi An become more and more popular with tourists because they own swimming pools, open spaces- convenient for families or groups of people, and beautiful views.

To attract more tourists, several villas have offered large discounts on special occasions such as international women’s day. They have also facilitated guests’ stay.

Although the price is reduced by 50% but the quality of services is remained. So, the villas in Hoi An hope to receive more and more guests in the time to come.