Green tourism development


Hoi An tourism has rebuilt its products during the time of temporary closure due to Covid-19, being ready for reoperation after the epidemic.

A corner of Kimibo Garden
A corner of Kimibo Garden
Eco-friendly tourism

Kimibo Garden located in Dong Na hamlet, Cam Ha commune, Hoi An city is a beautiful eco-garden which is home to nearly 100 kinds of vegetables, including roselles, passion fruit, okra, peanuts and tomatoes.

Kimibo Garden is not only a place to provide clean and safe vegetables for communities but also an ideal eco-tourism site in Hoi An. It helps raise tourists’ awareness of ecological and environmental protection.

Beside the vegetable garden, the owner of Kimibo Garden is running two other projects, a medicinal herbs garden and an area for tourism agro-activities, in Cam Ha commune (Hoi An city).

Chances for green tourism

Green environment attractive to visitors
Green environment attractive to visitors
Besides Kimobo Garden, there are several ecotourism destinations in Hoi An city such as An Nhien Farm, Heal Organic Farm, vegetable villages of Tra Que, Thanh Dong and An My. The development of green tourist attractions is the target of local tourism for a sustainable growth.

After Covid-19, green tourism is predicted to become a trend and plays an important role in the development of tourism industry.

The building of ecotourism destinations in this time is a right way, making sure of the sustainability and competitiveness in local tourism development.

Besides an upgrade of tourist attractions, it is necessary to improve the quality of all services, to exploit cultural and historical values effectively in order to raise the local tourism sector in the future.