Hoi An: a friendly tourist attraction amidst Covid-19 epidemic


(QNO) - Hoi An is making every effort to fight against and control Covid-19 effectively during these days. Another important task of Hoi An authorities is the keeping of Hoi An tourism brand and images.

Hoi An ancient quarter in the social distancing period
Hoi An ancient quarter in the social distancing period

Up to now, Hoi An has timely localised the places and areas at risk of Covid-19. Over 290 people have been quarantined. At present, a lot of concentrated isolation areas are put into operation, including several hospitals and medical centers with 300 beds, some hotels and accommodations that can provide rooms for over 400 people.

Tourists who came to Hoi An before the new Covid-19 epidemic are obligated to fill out health declaration forms and get a 14-day quarantine. Those who want to leave Hoi An are all facilitated.

Therefore, all the tourists staying in Hoi An feel comfortable and relaxed. Besides, the prices of goods and necessities are well-controlled and stabilized in Hoi An during the Covid-19 epidemic in order to ensure the locals’ and visitors’ life.