Hoi An, one of the world’s cheapest destinations


It is reported by Holiday Money that a visitor spends around VND 1.8 million a day in Hoi An city (Quang Nam province), one of 21 cheapest travel destinations in the world.

Hoi An ancient town. Photo: hoianimpression
Hoi An ancient town. Photo: hoianimpression

The list of these destinations results from the comparison of tourist data carried out by tourism associations and professional tour operators in 42 tourist destinations and cities around the word.

Holiday Money calculates the minimum cost for a day based on the total amount of 8 items including a cup of coffee, a bottle of beer, a can of Coca, a glass of wine, a bottle of mineral water, sunscreen, anti-bug spray and a meal for 2 people. It is the useful information for all the tourists.

In Hoi An, the cost is USD 77.64 (equivalent to VND 1.8 million) calculated as follows.

- A cup of coffee (at a café or a restaurant): USD 1.66

- A bottle of beer: USD 2.37

- A can of Coca Cola: USD 0.67

- A glass of wine (175ml): USD 6.19

- A bottle of mineral water (1.5 litters at the supermarket): USD 0.75

- A tube of sunscreen (at the supermarket): USD 5.72

- An anti-bug spray (50ml at the supermarket): USD 2.37

- A 3-course dinner for two people (wine included): 57,94 USD

A corner of Hoi An (Sarah Trần)
A corner of Hoi An (Sarah Trần)

Other costs in Hoi An such as flight tickets, bus tickets, entrance tickets are also cheap compared to other places in Vietnam.

Accommodations are rather diversified there. Street foods are both plentiful and cheap. Hoi An is now especially attractive to foreigners.