Hoi An tourism diversity


(QNO) - Community tourism has made a great contribution to the local livelihood improvement in Hoi An city. The destinations of this kind have been oriented to be diversified in order to speed up Hoi An tourism development.

 Community tourism in Cam Thanh, Hoi An
Community tourism in Cam Thanh, Hoi An

Products of Hoi An community tourism are impressive and typical thanks to traditional craft villages such as Tra Que vegetable village, Thanh Ha pottery village or Kim Bong carpentry village. Visitors are extremely interested in visiting and experiencing the local ways of life, learning about cultural features here through festivals and ancestor-worshipping. Community tourism has developed dramatically since 2009 along with homestay services and ecotourism.

The infrastructure of tourism, especially the coastal areas, islands and countryside has been more invested and upgraded. The conservation and proper exploitation of cultural values in each area of the city help to better people's lives.

Besides, the locals have been supported to improve their awareness of conservation, raise their capacity for tourism activities. The models of homestay and homestay groups have also been encouraged, especially in craft villages and the countryside. Tourism has brought benefits to the locals, helping them have a better and more comfortable life.

The tourism potential of Hoi An is really great but it has not been exploited completely. Therefore, the city authorities are attempting to diversifying its products closely attached to local characteristics such as An Bang sea-tourism (Cam An), An My farming (Cam Chau), Van Lang riverside village, Thanh Dong organic vegetable village, Cam Nam maize village, Cua Dai fishing village, Cam Thanh nipa villages, flower and bonsai villages in Cam Ha and Tan An.

The development of community tourism should be tightly attached to conservation and proper use of natural and cultural resources. The sustainability of Hoi An community tourism also needs a combination of several other factors such as the local awareness, propagation, marketing, vocational training, and conservation. It is Hoi An authorities' judgment for the sustainable development of community tourism here.