Hoi An’s efforts in tourism recovery


Hoi An is well-known as a tourist attraction in the Central heritage region Quang Nam-Hue-Da Nang.

Hoi An city
Hoi An city

As a safe and friendly tourist attraction, Hoi An is attempting to adapt to the new common state after Covid-19 in order to recover its tourism sector and the epidemic prevention.

Tourism activities around the world is temporarily stopped due to the bad influence of Covid-19. However, it is also a chance for Vietnamese and Quang Nam tourism communities to show their bravery and vitality.

Hoi An is considered the motive force of tourism sector in Quang Nam province, so tourism businesses there are making every effort to get over the difficulties and adapt to the new common state, to make high-quality products in order to attract more visitors to the city.

Since Hoi restarted its tourism activities, a lot of stimulus packages have been launched along with the implementation of Covid-19 prevention measures.

After the Covid-19 epidemic was controlled, several new tourism products were made, especially ecotourism in a combination with sport activities, workshops and conferences.

Besides exploiting effectively domestic markets, tourism businesses focus on some foreign partners to introduce and propagandise Quang Nam and Vietnam images to the world.

At present, tourism sector is very difficult due to Covid-19. Before the epidemic, Quang Nam was always attractive to visitors, especially those from South Korea, Australia, the UK, France, China, the US, Germany, Japan and Malaysia.

However, it is identified that visitors will take tours around their home countries instead of going abroad in the coming time due to Covid-19. So, Vietnam tourism should focus on domestic markets, having plans to connect tourist attractions in Vietnam, having strategies for sustainable tourism development.

When the Covid-19 epidemic broke out again, there were over 2,000 visitors staying in Hoi An. They were facilitated to stay at the hotels, so they felt pleased and satisfied. These visitors will become tourism ambassadors who help introduce and spread the images of a safe and friendly Hoi An to the world.

Since the Covid-19 epidemic was controlled, Hoi An tourism has had more new products with high quality. Hoi An is hoped to become the first position again in Quang Nam tourism soon.