Must- try foods in Hoi An


Hoi An is famous for not only the corners of ancient streets but also its culinary culture. When coming to Hoi An, visitors should not ignore the following foods.


According to many visitors, Cao Lau served at Thanh restaurant (26 Thai Phien street, Minh An ward) is very delicious, even the best of Hoi An. It is known as one of the oldest restaurants there. However, there are still some other restaurants where Cao Lau is also very good. So, the problem is no longer the deliciousness of the dish but lies in its quality and price instead.


Nga’s chicken rice is on Phan Chu Trinh Street, Cam Chau ward.

Chicken rice there is great thanks to the special flavour of rice and the quality of the chicken and vegetables. The drinks served there are also very good, so the restaurant is always attractive to visitors. However, the price is rather expensive.


Visitors can enjoy Madame Khanh’s bread on Tran Cao Van street, Minh An ward. It is delicious and the price is reasonable.


Mr. Hai’s Quang noodles

Mr. Hai restaurant is located on Truong Minh Luong street, Cam Chau ward. It is a familiar address to those who love Quang noodles.

A different feature at this restaurant is that Quang noodle is served with shrimp crackers instead of rice paper cakes. Drinks there are also good and prices are reasonable. So, visitors like the restaurant so much.