Nam Giang’s specificities


Nam Giang, a mountainous district in Quang Nam province with its own charms becomes attractive to visitors.

A scenery in Ca Dy commune, Nam Giang district
A scenery in Ca Dy commune, Nam Giang district
Along National route 14 to Ca Dy commune (Nam Giang district), visitors can’t help admiring the beauty of spring here.

It is an immense green carpet decorated by bunches of pink flowers. Going there, visitors can enjoy a local type of banana called Pa Lua. Its fruit appearance looks like huge okras but it is very delicious.

Leaving National route 14 for Ta Bhing commune, visitors can visit Grang waterfall, which is about 7km from the center of Thanh My.

The fall looks like a winding white silk band up towards the sky from distance. Grang was named after a legendary species of fish that used to live here. This three-floor waterfall is suitable for those who like adventures.

However, visitors can also choose another way to enjoy the fresh atmosphere there; it is swimming in the pool under the fall and listening to birds singing.

Besides, Co Tu community-based tourism village located in 7 hamlets of Ta Bhing commune is a destination that cannot be ignored.

It is the home of Zara brocade in the Central Vietnam’s network of brocade weaving. Visiting the village, visitors also have chances to enjoy local specialties which they cannot find anywhere.