New measures for safe tourism environment implemented in province

 By Nguyen Kim Bao |

(QNO) - In the process of implementing the target of developing tourism to be a key economic sector of the province, Quang Nam tourism has got many splendid achievements in both tourism products and building infrastructure toward creating and upgrading quality tourist services direction. The situation of security and social order are ensured, the tourist environment has been gradually improved, attracting more and more domestic and oversea tourists. The amount of tourists visited Quang Nam increased year after years with the annual average reached 39,7%.

New regulations will improve the tourist environment and make tourists feel happier and more interesting when coming to Quang Nam.
New regulations will improve the tourist environment and make tourists feel happier and more interesting when coming to Quang Nam.

However, the tourist environment at some beautiful spots in Quang Nam are still inadequate and has not yet met the demands of many visitors. The negative actions which make trouble to tourists have not been effectively prevented and handled timely. All these negative behaviors have partly limited the development of Quang Nam tourism…

In order to overcome the limitation, weakness to develop Quang Nam tourism toward sustainable and ecological direction in conjunction with upgrading the quality of tourism environment and environmental protection and step by step building civilizing, friendly and safe living environment to attract more and more international and domestic tourists, Quang Nam  authority has recently requested the relevant local agencies and the People’s Committee of cities and districts to implement new regulations and solutions

Accordingly, all functional agencies and tourist units have to strengthen the responsibility in directing and coordination to ensure tourism environment security, social order and safety in tourism business; discovering, preventing and handling timely and strictly negative actions such as pursuing, insistent inviting tourists, disguise begging, peddled wares acts and other acts relating to business fraud, selling over noted price, low quality, imitation products and violations on food hygiene and safety. The relevant units total up, manage and control the motorbike rental  firms and ask them to refuse foreign visitors without a legal drive license to rent  motorbikes…

In the same time, The People’s Committee of key cities and districts of tourism  such as Tam Ky, Hoi An, Duy Xuyen, Dien Ban organise workshops on tourist civilisation in serving tourists for staffs and individuals working in tourism sector and launch a movement of building safety, and civilisation tourism environment…

Reportedly, the provincial Department of Public security will sent officers who are friendly and fluent in English to work at the key tourist sites to help visitors, prevent, discover and strictly punish the acts and violations that aim at tourists’ asset and life.

 By Nguyen Kim Bao