Nice experiences with Photo-tours


(QNO) - In some recent years the photographers - members of Quang Nam Art and Literature Association such as Duong Phu Tam, Thai Tuan Kiêt, Huynh Ha, Mai Thanh Chương, Dang Ke Cuong have had a few times of visiting beautiful places of Vietnam in the trips called “PhotoTour” together with international tourists.

“They come to our country to enjoy holydays and “hunt” pictures about the beauty of Vietnam. Most of them are professional photographers. They want to go to the beautiful landscapes where they can take art photos. They invited us to join the trips as official members of the group,” said photographic artist Duong Phu Tam, a member of the FIAP (International  Federation of Photographic Art) since 2011 who has awarded the honourable title “FIAP Artist”.

 Thông qua photo tour, các nghệ sĩ nhiếp ảnh Quảng Nam ngày càng có thêm những người bạn biết đồng cảm, chia sẻ.Ảnh: D.Phú Tâm
Through the phototours, many photographers of Quang Nam province have more international colleagues to share their art work. Photo: D.Phu Tam

Most of those international photographers come from the USA, France, Germany, Italia, Ausralia, Spain – the famous countries of art photography at present. When coming to a country, they make friend with native photographers and invite them to join the photo-tours for taking art photos.

“They come to Art photos galleries in Quang Nam province. After choosing the destinations for taking pictures, they invite  us to go with them. The trips are not too long, just about a few hours for taking pictures in Hoi An Ancient Town or landscapes around and one or two days for a trip to My Son Sanctuary Site or mountainous regions,” photographer Mai Thanh Chuong said.

“Though for a short time, the international tourists took many “lively and true” photos. “Going along with them, we have studied significant lessons and experiences for our works. Taking many photos and choosing the best one only is better than spending too much time choosing the best position, light and photo frame before taking some pictures without any values” -  Mr Duong Phu Tam said.

Tham gia photo tour, du khách nước ngoài có thêm cơ hội khám phá vẻ đẹp Việt Nam. Ảnh: Đặng Kế Đông
Taking part in the phototours, international tourists have  many chances to discover the beauty of Vietnam. Photo: Dang Ke Dong

This is also a kind of tourism services but Vietnamese photographers always receive a friendly fee; sometimes free of charge. All expenditures for tranportations, meals, accommodations, sightseeing are shared together. For them, artistic identification is the first and above all. They are very happy to help and make friends with international colleagues and ready to take part in the phototours. For them, the most beautiful images of Vietnam country which are taken in these tours and introduced to friends all over the world through art photos exhibisions are the most significant...