One more tourism product in Hoi An city


(QNO) - Hoi An Impression Theme Park is expected to be the Hoianians’ pride, one more tourism product in this heritage city.

Inauguration ceremony of Hoi An Impression Theme Park
Inauguration ceremony of Hoi An Impression Theme Park

The inauguration of Hoi An Impression Theme Park took place on July 28. The event started with an Ao dai festival and a night festival with flower garlands and coloured lanterns for wishes. Visitors in Ao dai (Vietnamese traditional costume) can make their free entry to Hoi An Impression Theme Park during 3 days (July 28-30).

The park becomes a tourism product on the Hoi An tourism map, contributing to renewing Hoi An- one of 15 world best destinations, making it more diversified and unique. In the park, there are all kinds of services such as entertainment, visual art shows, restaurants and accommodations. The Western, Japanese and Chinese quarters and 5 visual art mini-shows have so far come into use.

Visiting the park, visitors can experience and enjoy the cultural integration. The park gate is simulated as that of Thanh Chiem estate, an ancient prosperous port town where Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Persian… merchants made their trade exchange. The park is a large visual art show on which each employee is an actor/actress, each rest stop a small stage. It is the place where there are the reappearance of the local daily activities, the wedding ceremony of Ngoc Hoa Princess and Japanese merchant Araki Sotaro, the story of Trai Ho fighting against tigers for the local peace, the legend of Silk Queen, who brought Vietnamese silk to the world through the Maritime Silk Route.

The visual art show “Hoi An Memories” may be the most impressive stage where visitors can enjoy an original art show through the language of poetry, sound and light. The show tells a historical story of Hoi An, a prosperous trade port in the 17th -18th centuries. On the stage of show is the diplomatic wedding between Huyen Tran Princess and Champa King found. Also on this stage, the moving love story between a Faifo girl and a fisherman is told.

The park daily opens from 3:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. It is a new colour in the picture of Hoi An tourism, contributing to Hoi An sustainable tourism development.