Opportunity to attract Russian tourist for Quang Nam


(QNO) - The Russian tourists prefer sea travel, therefore, Russia is an potential market which has been concentrated to exploit  by Central tourist companies in this summer holidays. Beside English and French, all tourist trading firms in this region are advertising their products and services in the Russian language. In summer, they received thousands of  Russian visitor every day, some days up to 1, 500 tourists.

According to many international travel companies, the direct flights from big cities of Russia to Vietnam have influenced strongly to the increase of Russian tourists. Most of them were from the Far East, Siberia regions and Moscow. The direct air rout to Da Nang International Airport have brought Russian tourists to this city more and more.

The Vietnam Tourism Administration (VNAT) statistics showed before 2011, the total number of Russian tourist visited Vietnam every year was not listed  in “Top 10 Vietnam’s international tourist  markets”,  but in 1012,  Russian tourists top the list of international visitors to Vietnam and continued increasing in the first 3 months of 2013, up to 50%  in compare with other traditional markets.