Over 314,000 visitors come to My Son in 2016


(QNO) - On January 11, a meeting between My Son Relics and Tourism Management Board (MB) and travel companies from Hoi An and Da Nang was held to share opinions about the quality of tourism services and products of My Son in 2016.

Buổi gặp mặt nhằm tri ân và nghe ý kiến chia sẻ từ các doanh nghiệp
The overview of the meeting.

According to the MB, My Son welcomed 314,000 tourists in 2016 (up 21% compared to 2015), exceeding the target of 260,000 visitors. The total takings reached nearly VND 49 billion including VND 45 billion from ticket sales and VND 4 billion from services.

Lượng khách đến Mỹ Sơn gia tăng trong năm 2016
Visitors coming to My Son increased in 2016.

At the meeting, most travel companies highly appreciated the improvement of environment, infrastructure, and services in My Son Sanctuary. However, there were some shortcomings such as lack of amusement parks, limited tourism spaces, untapped cultural values, partial preservation in some towers. It is necessary for My Son to get over the limitations and make its trade name better in the coming time.