Plan for sustainable development of Cham Islands


(QNO) - Tourism on the Cham Islands has to be planned and developed in combination with conservation, agriculture, forestry and fishery. It has to be a sustainable green economy of future.

Cham Islands dock 
Cognitive changes

Tourism is not just the destination appearance but its soul. The Cham Islands Biosphere Reserve brings considerable benefits to the locals, scientists and managers.

The success of the Reserve is a result of sharing responsibilities between scientists, authorities and people on the Cham Islands in saving, protecting and using resources.

Besides the improvement of ecological environment, the values of community, culture and tourism on Cham Islands are also bettered, becoming an attraction to visitors and investors.

It’s time the problems relating to the community awareness and attitudes towards the conservation and development of the Reserve needed to be considered.

It is also necessary to evaluate the harmonious combination between the locals’ experience and scientific knowledge; the roles of and the cooperation between state managers, scientists, residents and businessmen; the interaction between conservation and development; etc.

Roles of the native

Tourism is now developing strongly on the Cham Islands. It’s time the locals learned how to do tourism, improving their communication skills and behaviour towards nature, culture, community and visitors because each resident on the Cham Islands will be a tour guide.

It should be planned so that fishermen will be the owners of fishing grounds in the marine reserve. Then, they will be responsible for using and preserving marine resources, including the coral reef.

The development of the Cham Islands has to orientate itself towards a green economy.

Green economy

Cham Islands
Cham Islands
Green economy is the inevitable global trend of socio-economic development, especially in places rich in natural resources. The Cham Islands can develop green economy because it owns seas, forests, fishing villages and fields.

They need to be preserved and developed in the models of traditional cultivation of rice; gardens of organic vegetables, flowers and wood production.

It is important to promote community capacities in managing, preserving and exploiting services from natural resources such as coral reefs, seaweed and forests.

The eco-system on the islands has to be healthy. It should be balanced between supply and demand, between exploitation and preservation, between individual and community benefits for sustainable development there.

Projects on community development

It is significant to propose the plan for sustainable growth on the Cham Islands. It is the harmonious development between community livelihood, conservation and socio-economic system specialized for the Cham Islands.

Plans for community growth may be suitable for the Cham Islands. They start at the community belief in sustainable development based on conservation, eco-environmental services, business investment and the role of the state.

There should be an integration between scientific and experiential knowledge that can solve the problem of local livelihood.

All of the plans will create a push for the local growth based on community capacity.