Promoting tourism through festivals


(QNO) - As a “City of festivals”, Hoi An is a space of different cultural and artistic activities coming from different cultures in the world.

Festival – a tourism product in Hoi An city
Festival – a tourism product in Hoi An city


It’s not by chance that Hoi An (Quang Nam province) is known as a city of festivals. There are currently nearly 20 annual traditional and modern festivals in Hoi An. They are the Lunar New Year and New Year Festivals, Mid-Autumn Festival, Hoi An-Japan Cultural Exchange, International Choir, International Cuisine Festival, Lantern Festival, Whale Greeting Ceremony, Cam Nam Corn Festival, craft ancestor worships in Thanh Ha pottery village, Kim Bong carpentry village, and Tra Que vegetable village, and so on. So, Hoi An is frequently voted as one of the best tourism destinations in Vietnam and all over the world.

At night, Hoi An ancient quarter is always overflowing with lantern light. A great number of flower garlands are dangling and floating on the river. Hoi An cultural features are also very attractive to visitors. All of them are making the charm of Hoi An, contributing to the achievements of Hoi An tourism.

Pervasiveness of Hoi An images

The event “Japan Cultural Days in Quang Nam and Hoi An - Japan Cultural Exchange 2018” was a good chance to promote Hoi An images. According to Dinh Van Loc- Director of Viet Da Tourism Company (Da Nang), not only Japanese visitors but also international ones were interested in this event, which proved the pervasive influences of the festival.

Vice Chairman of the Hoi An city’s People’s Committee Nguyen Van Son said that the event of Japanese cultural days in Quang Nam aimed to strengthen the Quang Nam-Nagasaki solidarity and friendship. However, the event attracted a great number of Japanese and foreign visitors to Hoi An, which shows the pervasive festivities. Contributing to the festival success was the inauguration of two direct flights between Da Nang (Vietnam) and Sandai and Chu Bu (Japan).