Quang land's precious objects


(QNO) - In 2015, two antiques in Quang Nam province belonging to Cham culture were  recognized as the national precious objects. They are Ekamukhalinga and Shiva head statue.A group of towers of My Son Sanctuary restoredEkamukhalingaIn Viet Nam,  the Ekamukhalinga- one of the masterpieces of the Champa sculpture  was first found in 2012 in the area of My Son tower. It is made of a big brown-yellow sandstone with strange and beautiful striations. According to Deputy Director of the provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism- Ho Xuan Tinh, who has researched Champa culture for many years, this Ekamukhalinga dating back to the 8th century is a very precious object because it is the only among 1,000 objects found in My Son towers. Many archaeologists said that there are still many secrets in My Son Sanctuary.The Ekamukhalinga in My Son SanctuaryThe Ekamukhalinga consists of three equal parts: the top is cylindrical, the middle octagonal and the bottom square. The head of Shiva God (21.5cm high, 13.5m wide, 12cm thick) is embossed on the cylindrical part   of the linga.The statue of  Shiva God headThis statue was found 18 years ago in Dai Loc district, Quang Nam province. At present, the version of this precious object is displayed in the provincial museum. This is a  Shiva head of an Ekamukhalinga in the 10th century. It is made of gold, 0.58kg weigh, 22 cm high.The version of the Shiva head statueThe statue of Shiva head may be apart from some Champa’s linga-kosa. According to researchers, the top of the linga idol is covered with metal  called kosa. On the occasion of special holidays, Cham people take  this kosa down to clean the linga. According to the Museum of Vietnamese History, there are 20 Shiva head statues made of metal, 8 among these objects are made of gold or a mixture of gold and silver and the rest are made of silver. However, beside the museum of Quang Nam province, another golden Shiva head statue is displayed in the Museum of Vietnamese History.By LE QUAN