Quang Nam: Civil code of conduct for tourism


(QNO) - The Quang Nam provincial People’s Committee has announced a full set of civil rules of conduct for tourism.

Visitors to Hoi An (sggp.org.vn)
Visitors to Hoi An (sggp.org.vn)

The civil code of conduct for tourism in Quang Nam consists of the standards in the manners, attitudes and behaviors of those who work in tourism in Quang Nam. At the same time, it helps Quang Nam people have good attitudes when they are travelling.

According to the code, everyone must obey Vietnam’s laws, the rules and regulations in every destination. They are asked to respect the local customs and culture; to protect the landscapes, environment and cultural values in each destination; to be helpful when they are traveling.

Those who work in tourism have to conform to Vietnam’s laws and regulations in every destination, be friendly with, responsible and helpful for their customers, provide their customers with quality products and services and overt prices, give priority to local and environmentally friendly products, be responsible for environment and society in tourism market, be in appropriate clothes, not to smoke and have chewing gums during the time of serving tourists, not discriminate against tourists….

There are also regulations for visitors to Quang Nam through the message “Civilization – Responsibility – Self-respect”. It includes saving energy, taking bare foods and drinks, responding to responsible tourism activities, respecting Vietnamese habits and customs, not being drunk, prohibiting wildlife trade.

“Prestige – Responsibility – Friendliness – Professionalization” is the message of civil code of conduct for tourism businesses. Travel agencies should provide tour guides licensed, advocate community tourism and responsible tourism, fight against illegal tourism activities.

Transport businesses must employ drivers licensed; provide tourists with safe transport means, quality safeguards and rescues; not bring tourists to banned areas; strictly execute transport laws.

Tourist guides give prominence to professional ethics, not propagating and misrepresenting the guidelines of the Party, policies and laws of the government, cultural and historical values.

Accommodation owners must use healthy products and safe services, give priority to employing local workers.

Food and drink services must ensure their hygiene and safety, dedicated and professional services, not using sidewalks and pavements. Goods and products sold to tourists must not be of poor quality and have unclear origin.

The hospitable, civil and professional message is sent to local communities, and the friendly, whole-hearted and professional one to authorities.