Quang Nam land's pearl


(QNO) - It takes only 30 minutes to bring tourist to the green Cham island by express boats. But you have to expend many hours to discover the beauties of its 8 islets. You will find different interesting things in your trip.

Sea diving in Cham island.
Sea diving in Cham island.

Cham Island belongs to Tan Hiep commune of Hoi An city. It is a world cultural and historical relic which linked with the establishment and development of Hoi An commercial port urban in thousands of years ago. Cham island has 8 islets with popular names: the Hon Lao (Pearl), Hon Dai (Long), Hon Mo (Tomb), Hon Kho mẹ, Hon Kho con (Dry), Hon La (Leaf), Hon Tai (Ear) and Hon Ong (East wind).
Cham island (is known as Chiem Bat Lao, Tiem Bich La) covers about 15 square kilometres and about 3,000 of population. It’s famous with the campaign “Say NO with nylon bags” which was launched some years ago. When arriving at this island, all tourists can see the message “Do not give clients nylon bags”, “Going to market with a handbag – new style of a housekeeper”.

At present, all tourists can enjoy the clear, fresh air and blue seas in Cham island. The green of forest trees is linked with the blue of the seas by the long white sand beaches…
Hai Tang pagoda in Com hamlet of Lang beach was built 250 years ago and surrounded by  small mountains. In front of this pagoda is a peacful small valley with green rice fields and vegetable gardens all year-round.
Visiting Cham island Museum, you will be introduced about  Cua Da (Gecarcoidea lalandii), one of local specialties. Many visitors feel interesting with the Cham old well which was ranked as national relic in 2006. This tube with fresh water well has a square base and 4 square pillars at 4 corners. According to local people, it was built 200 years ago  and has never been dried up. This well is a water supplying source for local residents’ life.
Another tourism product in Cham island which has attracted many tourists is “coral diving”. According to many experts, Vietnam has many beautiful seas, but Cham island is “the heaven for sea diving”. At Nac Noi beach, after diving, the tourists continue to sightsee swallow caves such as To Vo, Kho… and study the ways of salangane exploitation.