Quang Nam: Raising the quality of tourism


(QNO) - The 2018-2025 action programme on comprehensive tourism development in Quang Nam has just been launched. The local People’s Committees, Quang Nam Tourism Association and other related agencies are responsible for carrying out it.

Tourism services in Hoi An
Tourism services in Hoi An

The programme puts forward 8 resolutions, among which that of planning and planning control are given priority to carrying out. At the same time, it is required to check and adjust the planning of the South Quang Nam to meet its new functions, make sure of the close connection between this region and others in the province.

The programme also focuses on completing transport infrastructure and training human resources.  It is essential to strengthen the provincial tourism management apparatus; establish mechanisms and policies to facilitate tourism businesses; remove the barriers that give bad impacts to tourism development; and build Quang Nam as a safe, hospitable and civilized tourism destination.