Quang Nam: ready for coastal and marine tourism


(QNO) - Quang Nam province has a 125km coastal line with several beautiful beaches, which is very attractive to both domestic and foreign visitors.

Ban Than beach (Nui Thanh district)
Ban Than beach (Nui Thanh district)

Quang Nam is additionally given big advantages to develop marine tourism when owing Cham Islands Marine Park- one of the UNESCO’s world biosphere reserves and several high- quality resorts. Besides, Tam Hai isle commune of Quang Nam is emergent as one of the three angles of the marine tourism space: Cham Islands, Tam Hai and Ly Son (Quang Ngai province). Therefore, Quang Nam has prepared everything carefully for the development of its marine tourism brand.

Safety and security

Quang Nam’s marine tourism products have been improved in both quantity and quality in order to meet the demands of the market. To ensure the safety of visitors and the local security, all the transport means, especially boats and motor canoes have been tested.

Quang Nam also focuses the task of rescue. Many rescue teams have been built. At the same time, the teams of patrolmen have been increased in order to manage, control and ensure the safety and security of both the locals and visitors here.

 Best quality of services

Marine tourism is a new product of Quang Nam tourism. Besides diving and contemplating corals, Quang Nam’s marine tours provide visitors with the experiences of the local fishermen’s spiritual and cultural activities, which is considered the unique tourist product of Quang Nam.

Transport means on sea in Hoi An
Transport means on sea in Hoi An

Marine tourism is regarded as the strategy for the development of tourism in Vietnam. Quang Nam with its potential and advantages can make a strong trademark of marine tourism.

It is predicted that the number of visitors to Quang Nam will go up dramatically in the marine tourism season 2019. Quang Nam Tourism has implemented lots of plans to ensure hygienic conditions and food safety, transport safety and security. There are now 624 accommodations (approximately 13,000 rooms) consisting of 180 hotels, 179 villas and 265 homestays in Quang Nam. All of them have to post the public bills so that visitors can choose the place they like.

Some solutions to the overloaded visitors to Cham Islands are also used during the marine tourism season in order to put it in control and strengthen the security here.