Quang Nam: Sustainable tourism development


(QNO) -  A lot of provincial guidelines, policies and decisions on tourism were issued from mid-October to early November 2018 to step up Quang Nam tourism sustainable development.

 Civil tourism in Quang Nam
Civil tourism in Quang Nam

Cham Islands- starting point

The regulation on the management of visiting and tourism services in Cham Islands (Hoi An) was locally discussed for suggestions on October 31. It focuses on sustainable tourism development in Cham Islands based on protecting and exploiting natural resources effectively, preserving and promoting traditional cultural values, exploiting the potential of landscapes and comparative advantages of the islands rationally.

Earlier on October 15, a workshop on conservation and sustainable development of Cham Islands took place in Hoi An. The workshop discussed some solutions to tourism pressure on Cham Islands.
On November 1, a conversation on Hoi An tourism - integration and development was held to talk about the threats to Cham Islands World Biosphere Reserve.

According to Quang Nam and Hoi An leaders, Cham Islands is always the concern relating to the local tourism development. It is essential to make plans and produce solutions to tourism in Cham Islands and other provincial destinations towards sustainable and civil tourism development.

Environment and other destinations in Quang Nam

Besides the policies and decisions on Cham Islands tourism development, the ones applied to other places were also approved in order to promote the development of provincial tourism. They included the regulations on homestay services (issued on October 31), the civil code of conduct for tourism in Quang Nam (on November 1), and the draft plan on tourism development in Quang Nam mountainous areas until 2025. All of them are the basis on which the provincial tourist environment will be better, Quang Nam tourism will be more civil and professional.

At the same time, these guidelines, policies and decisions show the local leaders’ concern about tourism, the role and position of tourism in the local development. Tourism has been considered as a spearhead economic sector in Quang Nam, and towards a tourism center in Central Vietnam.