Quang Nam to launch tours for APEC 2017


(QNO) - Quang Nam tourism has finished a series of special tours focusing on culture and people of the province on the occasion of APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) 2017.

Old houses and roads always attract tourists  to visit the Hoi An ancient town. Photo: Vietnam News Agency
Old houses and roads always attract tourists to visit the Hoi An ancient town. Photo: Vietnam News Agency

Hoi An ancient quarter, a combination of Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese structures and cultures will be the highlight, bringing an intact old town formed hundreds of years ago to visitors. At the Hoi An silk village, visitors can have chances to experience and learn about the history of mulberry cultivation and silkworm rearing, silk thread reeling, and silk weaving associated with the legend of Queen Doan Quy Phi.

Coming to Thanh Ha pottery village, Kim Bong carpentry village (Hoi An)- inseparable parts of the provincial treasure of cultural heritages, visitors will understand more about the unique beauties of well-preserved traditional occupations of the Vietnamese. Besides, Thanh Ha Terracotta Museum- the most unique terracotta museum in the country with the structure of many separate areas such as pottery area, craft village museum, terracotta market ... is expected to be attractive to visitors in the occasion of APEC 2017 and become a sustainable tourism product of Quang Nam.

The mysterious towers of the ancient Kingdom of Champa at My Son Sanctuary is hope to bring a great impression to tourists for the cultural values preserved and promotion in the contemporary life of Quang Nam people in particular, and the Vietnamese in general. Other tours deep inland focus on the culture and life of ethnic minorities living near the majestic Truong Son mountains. The province also emphasizes on cultural tourism of sea and islands with traditional customs and cultural activities of coastal and island inhabitants.

The Hoi An – Cham Island waterway travel linking with the resorts and beaches, and the Cham Island World Biosphere Reserve are identified as the focal destinations on the occasion of APEC 2017.