Renewal of culinary brand


Quang Nam foods are rather popular with both domestic and foreign visitors. However, it is necessary to renew them to improve the quality of Quang Nam tourism services and brand.

Quang Nam cuisine
Quang Nam cuisine

Brand of local culinary tourism

Cuisine is considered as one of the key factors to make a tourism brand. Foods can attract visitors and keep them staying longer.

Specialties that make up the brand name of Hoi An tourism include chicken rice, wonton, fried mussels, white rose, cao lau, xi ma.

However, they are not renewed. Moreover, these foods are also found in some other places in Quang Nam but not so delicious as those enjoyed in Hoi An. Some places are even appreciated to be poor in cuisine.

So, Quang Nam tourism needs to change. Culinary tourism should be given a priority in development so that it can meet the demands of domestic and foreign visitors.


Thanks to the international culinary festivals held in Hoi An, the brand name of Hoi An tourism associated with the local typical foods has been well-known all over the world.

It is believed that health will become a public concern in and a trend of post-Covid19 tourism. So, the development of organic products served in tourism needs to be paid more attention.

One of the current practical activities in Hoi An that contributes to the sustainable development of local tourism is garbageless kitchens and restaurants. It is expected to become the brand of Hoi An and Quang Nam tourism.