Retaining tourism brand


Quang Nam is discontinuing most of local tourism activities but always facilitates visitors during the Covid-19, which is very impressive to domestic and foreign tourists.

Foreigners in Quang Nam in Covid-19
Foreigners in Quang Nam in Covid-19
Despite Covid-19 outbreak in early March, Hoi An still attracted a large number of visitors. Because of the orders of social distancing, all the tourist attractions in Hoi An close and many foreign tourists are stranded there.

They are still staying in some hotels, receiving good services with lower prices until the epidemic finishes.

During the 14-day quarantine, all the foreigners staying at the hotels in Hoi An feel very pleased with the services they’ve received. Therefore, the Hoi An tourism brand is still impressive to visitors, especially foreigners.

Joanna Zytkowska, one of two Poles coming home from the 14-day quarantine in Hoi An on March 20 left a letter in Vietnamese to express her gratitude and promise to return to Hoi An soon.

Another case, Maccari from France also promised to come back to Hoi An when she left the ancient town for her home after the Covid-19 quarantine.

Also, Cristina Daus leaving Hoi An for Romania after the quarantine on March 28 sent a thank-you email to the staff at Hoi An Beach Resort.

As can be seen, Hoi An always creates good impressions on visitors and they want to return to this place.