Son Vien valley


Son Vien valley is located in Nong Son district, Quang Nam province. It is really a place of wild beauty.

Da Ban stream
Da Ban stream

One of the beauties there is Da Ban stream. It is an integration of different smaller springs in the area. The name of the stream may come from the reality of many large flat rocks that look like table faces.

The stream is beautiful, peaceful and romantic but it is now just a place for the locals and backpackers. Despite its beauty, it is still quite strange to visitors because it has not been present on the tourist map in Nong Son yet.

Hopefully, Da Ban stream will be replanned and become a tourist attraction in Nong Son in the future. The stream of Da Ban is attached to an interesting legend of a white tiger called Bach Ho.

The story wants to honour dutiful and grateful people. It mentioned that the white tiger saves a thief instead of eating him because he commits a thief to support his mum. His bad action is forgiven because he is dutiful.