Ta Lang, a new community-tourism destination in Quang Nam


(QNO) - Ta Lang community tourism village is located in Bha-lee commune, Tay Giang district, Quang Nam province. It is by the peaceful spring Chơr-lang and on the legendary Ho Chi Minh trail.

Ta Lang children welcome visitors with smiles.
Ta Lang children welcome visitors with smiles.

Ta Lang village is the homeland of Co Tu culture where musical instruments such as a-heen (three-hole flute), a-bel (bowed two-string instrument) and tam-bhreh (bi-chord instrument) are crafted and used. It is also the place of Co Tu brocade weaving and wicker weaving among others that are preserved and promoted.

Ta Lang is chosen as the first place in Quang Nam to develop the community-based tourism model funded by the Green Annamite Project. Visiting Ta Lang village, visitors can experience Co Tu ethnic people’s cultural activities, playing their folk games such as walking on stilts, throwing rattan rings, pounding rice, shooting, catching fish by using spoon-nets. In harvest season, visitors can enjoy the beauty of yellow paddy fields. Besides, visitors can learn to make and enjoy traditional Co Tu food.