Tam Ky: Season of Sưa flowers


(QNO)-A lot of activities of entertainment take place in Huong Tra village of Tam Ky city from April 3 to April 17, 2021 when the season of “sưa” flowers comes.

A corner of Vườn Cừa (tamky.gov.vn)
A corner of Vườn Cừa

Pterocarpus macrocarpus Kurz is the scientific name of the plant called “sưa” in Quang Nam. In its flower season, the yellow colour covers most of the space of Tam Ky city, especially the area of Vườn Cừa, where lots of cultural and artistic activities will be held.

Visiting Vườn Cừa during the event, visitors have chances to learn more about Huong Tra village in the past with thatched houses, about farming tools, handicrafts, and ancient objects. They may also enjoy Quang Nam’s traditional foods and know how to make them in this space.

Besides, there are several cultural and artistic activities such as a road of leaf conical hats, Ao dai (traditional Vietnamese costumes) fashion show, orchids exhibition, photos display, calligraphy, Bai choi performances, street music, rowing, and photo contest during the event.