Tam Thanh community-based tourism to be started


(QNO) - Tam Thanh commune in Tam Ky city (Quang Nam province) is planned to become an attractive destination.

Tam Thanh beach
Tam Thanh beach


Tam Thanh is a peaceful countryside with an 8km-long unexploited sandy beach, an advantageous transport infrastructure, notably the coastal route to Hoi An city-a province’s tourism center, and the mural village in Trung Thanh hamlet. Besides, Tam Thanh is in the planned area of coastal tourism development under Chu Lai Open Economic Zone with many trading and tourism projects. According to Vice Chairman of Tam Ky People’s Committee Nguyen Minh Nam, Bai Say Song Dam and Tam Thanh are chosen as two models of community-based tourism. Tam Thanh is confirmed as an attractive destination in the city. The project of Tam Thanh community-based tourism will stimulate the potentials  of cultural values and the traditional fish-sauce village to improve the local residents’ income, raise the locals’ awareness and action of eco-environmental protection.

Creating change

The project of development of community-based eco-cultural tourism in Tam Thanh has recently been fulfilled by the Tam Ky People’s Committee in cooperation with international and domestic organizations and partners such as Association of Cities of Vietnam, Cities Alliance, United Nations Human Settlements Programme, International Urban Training Center (Gangwon province, South Korea). The project aims to develop sustainable eco-tourism in Tam Thanh, improve the infrastructure of local landscapes and houses, better the residents’ knowledge and ability to supply the services of eco-cultural tourism, in-place craft village. Tourists to Tam Thanh can go around the village by bicycle, take part in sport and cultural events consisting of countryside market, camping, fishing… The project will last until May 2017.

Tam Thanh project is expected to create big chances and changes for the locality as what the mural village has achieved.