The "Exploring salangane caves of Cham Island" tour opened

By Nguyen Kim Bao |

(QNO) - Representative of more than 30 tourist and travel companies in Central Vietnam have just taken part in the new tour “Exploring salangane caves of Cham Island”  co-organised by The Commerce-Tourism Department of Hoi An city and the Cham Island Salangane Mannagement and Exploitation Group.

This famtrip brought visitors to two beautiful salangane caves To Vo and Tai. After sightseeing, the salangane nets, they were invited to enjoy salangane sweet soup, drink alcohol processed from salangane eggs. Coming to this tourist site, the visitors will be introduced the proces of breeding birds and salangane exploitation and other products made from salangane.

Reportedly, Cham Island is the only place in Quang Nam province  having Yen Hàng (Collocalia Fuciphaga Genmaini Oustalet), a kind of Yen Hong Xam (Swiftlets class, Collocalia gender, Apodidac class, Apdiformes group).

By Nguyen Kim Bao