The Museum of Sa Huynh-Champa culture


(QNO) - Located on the route 610 leading to My Son Sanctuary, the Sa Huynh-Champa Culture Museum (Duy Xuyen district) is one of the rare places in Quang Nam where the objects of Sa Huynh and Champa residents’ daily life and activities 2,000 years ago are displayed.

A corner of the Museum of Sa Huynh and Champa culture
A corner of the Museum of Sa Huynh and Champa culture

About  130 Sa Huynh cultural items are among 300 ones kept including jars, pottery  bowls and pots or bronze mirrors, earrings, strings made of pottery, stone, glass, gold, agate…assumed to be 2,000-2500 years old. In addition, there is also a collection of work tools, weapons such as stone and bronze axes, bronze and iron harpoon-heads, bronze spearheads in sugarcane leaf shape, daggers, iron spades. The biggest impression  may be the burial jars of different sizes; the largest is 1.8m height, 70cm diameter. Most of the displayed items are collected and excavated in Duy Xuyen district.

Besides, there are also a collection of Champa  civil and decorating items from the first to the eighth centuries. It consists  of fire ears, tower tops, tile pipe heads, Cham bricks, statues of God and monks, linga-yoni, drawings of the models of Sa Huynh tombs, Champa towers and temples  in every period of historic development, expressing the ancient cultural values.

Put into operation in 2009, the Museum of Sa Huynh-Champa culture has become a familiar destination where researchers, students, pupils, foreign tourists come to visit, learn about Duy Xuyen land in particular and Quang Nam province as a whole.  The place is a connection between Tra Kieu- My Son and Trien Tranh, Go Vua, Go Loi, Go Gach in Chiem Son valley.