"The Rest stop 57" in Hoi An city opened

By Nguyen Kim Bao |

(QNO) - Marking 14 years since the day Hoi An Ancient Town was recognized as the World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO (1999-2013), on 4th December 2013, all sightseeing sites in Hoi An city opened free of charge for visitors. The city also opened “The Rest Stop 57” at the ancient house 57 Tran Phu street.

This two-storey ancient house was use to display pictures of domestic and oversea painters and many photos themed “Hoi An:  Past and Present”. There are two opening garden for visitors to rest. From Rest Stop 57, tourists can link the heritage space to Exhibition House (at 46 Tran Phu street) and Folk Culture Museum of Hoi An city (33 Tran Phu street).

By Nguyen Kim Bao